The gods have willed you to rid the beasts from the land!

What did they ever do to you?

Colossi drop powerups: but be warned, each powerup also has a side-effect!


Move:  Left and right arrows

Jump:  Up arrow

Grab: *** HOLD Z ***

Attack:  X


 Damage  Jump Height  Shields

Positive Effect  Side Effect


Coding & Art: 

Christopher Driscoll


Luke Ford

Made using GBCamera by rogueNoodle

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like the graphics, couldnt figure out the grabbing very well though

doooood the music is so tight, also love the style you went with, really good execution, definately feels like this would be a real game on the gameboy :Thumbsup:


this was absolutely motherfucking goddamn amazing, pardon my anglo saxon. I haven't beaten it yet but only because there are so many other games to see and try and because I am still trying to hot patch a crash bug out of my own game.

my jaw almost literally dropped when I saw there was a second level because HOLY SCHNIKES the first one was so impressive I was really not expecting there to be more!!

The platforming experience was super fun once I figured out how you could grab and stab at the same time (I kept pressing X or Z, not holding Z and pressing X--I wish ). The game-boy era 2-bit visuals are amazing! the most impressive part is how you managed to perfectly capture the feels-good-feels-bad mix of accomplishment and guilty you feel after destroying a huge and beautiful beast in Shadow of the Colossus! 

My only real complaint is that it did not seem possible to die? my hearts were all empty by the time I noticed they were there, and I was sure I at least should have taken hits since then, but I never died. also a pause button would be a lovely addition.

almost perfect scores from me! AWESOME!


Very cool start! I was able to get up on the leg and hit it lol. I loved the ambience and thought it was a really cool take on the original. I liked that I had to hold the key down to hold on, it was a little awkward in an appropriate way.