A downloadable game for Windows

Port of Miami 1984... The city police force is losing the fight against a growing international drug trade.
In a desperate bid to gain the upper hand, Officer Lavale is assigned a partner from the British Secret Intelligence Service.
The Falco twins have just made a huge score and are making their getaway through shark-infested waters. It's up to Lavale and her new partner to bring them down.

One player - Game pad or keyboard
DPad L/R - Move boat
Dpad D - Dive (Jump after a dive to get SuperJump)
A button/z key - Shoot
B button/x key - Jump

Programming - Chris Driscoll
Pixel Art - Chris Driscoll
Art - Stephen Hrushovetz
Writing - Chris Driscoll, Steve Hrushovetz, Mark McAvoy
Music - Chris Driscoll
Voice of Boat - Mark McAvoy
Voice of Falcao - Mark McAvoy
Voice of Jeanne - Sara Wilde


Boat Cop.zip 20 MB